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By October 2, 2018 news

A recent summer day in the Berkshires brought some curious visitors into Linen. Linen, which shares retail space in our Great Barrington interior design studio, is our way of sharing the best linen in the world with people who appreciate the touch and feel of this extraordinary natural fabric. It works in a bedroom, on a dining table, in the bath, or anywhere in the home.

Linen comes from flax, a renewable crop that grows in some of Europe’s low-lying, arable regions. The finest flax and linen — in our humble opinion — comes from from Flanders, where flax has been harvested for linen since 1275.

We source many of our favorite linen products from the Belgian company Libeco. Watch this beautiful (even a little hypnotic!) video showing how the experts grow, harvest and transform flax into Linen.

Here’s our own Linen video — with me talking about linen and some selections in the store. We’ve since moved to our second-floor studio building next door.

Meanwhile, spirit and style are driving some great projects for residential and commercial clients. I’m doing more writing about interior design (check out the “Warmth by Design” article, about great wood stove and fireplace ideas).

Burack fireplace room
Fabric and glass backsplash

Above, we used a client’s favorite pillow fabric as a backsplash, covered by 1/2″ glass. Below, we used wood-style plank floor tile as a horizontal backsplash. Read the full story here.

Wood tile backsplash

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Thanks for visiting ~ and remember Linen. For yourself, or for someone you really love!

Bill Caligari
Bill Caligari